"no place i'd rather be"

ANNUAL TUITION (September through June)
1 class per week - $600 - or - $60/month
2 classes per week - $900 - or - $90/month
3 classes per week - $1150 - or - $115/month
4 classes per week - $1400 - or - $140/month
5 classes per week - $1650 - or - $165/month
6 classes per week - $1900 - or - $190/month
UNLIMITED MONTHLY TUITION (7 or more classes) - $2150 - or - $215/month

DROP-IN TUITION (space availability in classes is not guaranteed) - $14/class
Adult drop-in rate: $10/class or $15/two in the same night


Tuition is based on an annual amount and divided into ten equal monthly installments. Dancers
not attending their registered classes on a regular basis will NOT be given a discount on their
tuition payment for non-attendance.

A registration fee is due along with your first monthly installment. The amount is $30.00 and is
a one-time annual family fee (one fee per household).

Credits and/or refunds are issued only in the event of a serious illness or other medical emergency.
All final decisions are made by the Director.


Any dancer registering before October 1st and paying their annual tuition in full will receive a 5%
discount off of their total tuition.

Multiple dancers registering from the same household will receive 10% off the lesser of the
two monthly tuition amounts.

Dancers registering mid-month will be charged the annual registration fee ($30.00) with a pro-rated
amount established for that month's tuition.


Families have several different payment options. 

Invoices will be emailed each month.  The invoice includes a credit card payment option.  If you 
do not have an email address, the following options are available:

EZ-Pay: Tuition can be paid by an automatic credit or debit card payment. Payment must be a
pre-authorized automatic monthly payment.   Forms are available in the office.

Payment in full: If you choose not to do the automatic payment, you have the option of paying
in full the entire session and receiving a 5% discount on your tuition only until October 1st.

Payments are also accepted in the studio office by credit card, check, or cash. 
Payments must be received by the first scheduled class of each month.

There is a 2 month minimum for all classes. One month notice from the
first of the month is required to discontinue any classes. Withdrawal must be done in person and
will not be accepted over the phone or email. Withdrawals must occur within 7 days of the month.
To withdraw from any classes a parent or guardian must inform the studio in person. All automatic 
bank debit and credit card charges will stop after the one-month notice period. DAC reserves the right 
to terminate classes to any student without notice. In such case a refund for unused classes will be given.
If you pre-pay and drop in the middle of your session, the balance remaining will be a DAC credit
good on group tuition only.


Once a student has paid the registration fee and first month’s tuition, any changes in registration 
or class placement need to be communicated with the registration desk. If a dancer has any 
questions concerning placement, he/she may try a different class if permission is given from all 
instructors involved. All final class registration needs to be set by December 1st to ensure proper 
Spring Production planning.  Since fees are charged on a month-to-month basis, you may 
drop out of a class at any time. If you have paid a month’s fee and drop during the beginning or middle 
of the month you will not receive a refund. You may, however, finish the rest of the month and drop at the 
end of that particular month. If you drop classes in the middle of the month and have not paid for that month, 
you will be billed at your normal monthly rate for the entire month. To insure that you do not get 
billed after you have dropped a class at DAC, please make sure you speak directly with the registration desk. 
Until this is done, you will still be billed, as we will continue to hold a spot for your dancer in that class. 
If you add a class during the middle of a month the remainder of that month will be pro-rated, and the 
following month will be full rate.